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Writing desk Roger Landault

Laureate of the French Furniture's contest in 1946, Roger Landault starts collaborating with A.B.C. furniture in order to create models that will launch the concept of mass-produced and signed furniture. Roger Landault draws this writing desk with taut and stripped lines because it corresponds with the needs of industrial production and with modernism principles where aesthetics must be practical. This writing desk will be presented at the first contest of the French Serial Furniture in 1953 ; Roger Landault's work will be noticed in this exhibition and exposed the next year in the Printemps store in Paris.

Technical details : This writing desk signed Roger Landault (1919-1983) for A.B.C. furniture has been presented at Paris' fair in 1951. Oak veneer, desk blotter in blue leatherette, A.B.C. editors. Available for sale.