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Westside Sofa by Ettore Sottsass

Ettore Sottsass' Westside Sofa, 1983 Knoll édition ! Son of an architect, Ettore Sottsass (1917­ - 2007) follows his father's steps and participates in Italia's reconstruction by working, among others, in the building of social housing. Tired of working as an architect, he wants to express his creativity through design and establishes his own agency in 1947 in Milan, exploring several media : ceramic, paint, photography, sculpture, interior architecture... In 1956, his meeting with Adriano Olivetti enables him to open himself to industrial design (which he discovered while working in George Nelson's agency in New­York), and to become a designer consultant for Olivetti until 1980. In the early sixties, Ettore Sottsess lives in California for some time where he discovers pop art (which questions consumer society and its objects). It drives him to reconsider both social and political aspects of design and the creation of objects : he joins the anti­design radical movement where social­critical ideas, irony, social utopia, anti­capitalism, nomadism or hyper­technology coexist.

Westside Sofa anf Memphis Group

After a short collaboration with Alessandro Mendini and his studio Alchimia, Ettore Sottsass founds in 1981 the Memphis Group, for which he recruits young designers such as Michele de Lucchi, thus making the experience of maturity by creating innovating shapes, with bright colors and cheap materials... similar to this Westside sofa, but in limited editions. In parallel, he creates for Knoll Studio the Westside and Eastside series, an ensemble of sofas and armchairs inspired by the antic architecture and particularly Egypt and its Gizeh pyramids, which evokes the cubic and massive shapes of the Bauhaus, often criticized by the designer. Therefore, this 1983 Westside sofa places itself in the new Memphis Group's shapes, applied to a production design embellished by Knoll since the fifties.

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Westside sofa Ettore Sottsass