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Pierre Guariche sideboard prestige serie

Pierre Guariche sideboard in sapelli with a two­door opening, two white melamine pleated flaps and two drawers, resting on six sapele feet in a rosewood shade with chrome­plated endings. Son of Parisian goldsmiths, Pierre Guariche (1926­1955) studied at the National School of Decorative Arts where he graduated in 1949. During his studies, he follows the teaching of René Gabriel (creator of the reconstruction design) and Marcel Gascoin, who will hire hm in his workshop after his graduation. From 1949, on Marcel Gascoin's advices, he stats to exhibit his own creations at the Domestic Arts and Decorators Fair. Quickly, he catches the attention of editors and the May Galery which will own some of its furnitures. He then arranges an entire habitation programme called ''prefacto'' for the all­new Airborne Society, founded in 1951. Other successful collaboration will follow : Disderot, Luminalite, Steiner...

Pierre Guariche sideboard from Huchers-­Minvielle editions

In 1954, Pierre Guariche partners with two other young designers met in Marcel Gascoin's workshow : Joseph-­André Motte and Michel Mortier with whom he founds the ARP (''Atelier de Recherche Plastique'', or Plastic Reseach Workshop) . It will produce furniture for the editor Charles Minvielle wich develops his own distribution network : The Huchers. In 1961, Minvielle merges the family business and The Huchers, and he develops the desk sector ???? with the help of Phillipon-­Lecoq and Pierre Guariche. It is from this post­ARP adventure that will be created the Prestige serie, including this sideboard, an execption in Pierre Guariche's production due to its noble essence and its taut lines.

Technical details : Pierre Guariche Sideboard, Prestige serie, Les Huchers-­Minvielle edition, 1962. Sapele and chromed metal. Dimensions : 95 x 224 x 49 cm. Contact us to purchase this article.

Pierre Guariche sideboard