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Pair of Bridge armchairs by René Gabriel

René Gabriel is considered (along with Francis Jourdain) to be the godfather of modern design and therefore of series furniture. Student at the College of Decorative Arts between 1914 and 1917, he exhibited for the first time at the decorators’ fair of 1919 and made a remarkable contribution in the international exhibition of 1925 with his creations of printed wallpapers. At the same time, he went on studying architecture and furniture making from which he naturally came to address manufacturing issues. Founding member of the Society of Decorative Artists, René Gabriel is commissioned by Auguste Perret to arrange the first model apartment in the city of Le Havre in 1945, foundation of the reconstruction design. He dies in 1950 and will be succeeded by Marcel Gascoin. René Gabriel’s design is often considered as ascetic and understated, a legacy of modernism, with an obvious functionalistic characteristic, and where rigour is always tempered by fresh colours and fabrics.

René Gabriel pair of bridge armchairs