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Lunel Floor Lamp dated 1950

Lunel Floor Lamp with a tubular base made of black lacquered metal, red brick lining and lampshades made of red brick aluminium with star perforations. Lunel is a French creator and editor of lamps. In the 50's, he starts to produce rather classic lamps but will quickly follow the new lines introduced by designers of that period. In fact, Lunel is often associated with these young designers in interior compositions shown by decoration magazines such as “Les Arts Ménagers” (Domestic Arts) or “Maison Française” (French House). Lunel's lamps use the same sober and refined vocabulary as 50's designers : he popularised the “Diabolo” lampshade but added a playful touch : the star perforations. What about the Diabolo's original creator ? He is actually hard to find since a lot of designers used this iconic shape (Guariche, Hauville, Boris Lacroix...) but it is often associated with an other well know creator and editor : Georges Mathieu.

Lunel Floor Lamp or the new lighting

Rumors make the Diabolo lampshade a creation of Georges Mathieu... the future will tell us wether or not it is true. In any case, the Palindrome Gallery is glad to present this Lunel Floor Lamp, true icone of the 50's which proposes a new way to conceive lighting with its double use : as a reader, with the light facing down, and as a way to bring relief to the ceiling, with the light facing up... probably the end of chandelier's classicism. Floor lamps, wall lamps, suspensions... Lunel's productions are multiple and witness a periode of intense creation.

Technical details : Lunel Floor Lamp, circa 1950. Height : 175cm. Contact us to purchase this article.

Lunel floor lamp