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Filglass chairs Jacques Charpentier

Jacques Charpentier (1918-1986) graduated head of the class in the prestigious École Boulle. He began to create furniture with stainless steel in the early sixties. He used this material in a lot of different productions, such as tables, chairs or sofas, and stainless steel became his trademark. These creations were produced by his firm of 50 to 60 employees in the seventies. Jacques Charpentier's "Filglass" chairs combine lightness, flexibility and transparency, creating an original seat. Self-edited, Jacques Charpentier's creations were not produced in large quantities and affirm a rigorous design melted with the seventies' fantasy.

Technical details : Series of six filglass chairs Jacques Charpentier produced in 1970. Made of chrome steel, the seat is made of Plexiglas. Dimensions: 77cm x 42cm x 45cm. Available for sale.