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Coquilles 624 Michel Ducaroy

Michel Ducaroy (1925-2009) belongs to a family of contemporary furniture creators (Chaleyssin factory). He studied sculpture at Lyon's Fine Arts School in the early fifties. His meeting with the Roset chair's manufacturer in 1954 gave him the opportunity to carry out a creative furniture collection : young, with seats and furniture adapted for collective facilities. Michel Ducaroy will lead Roset's design department during his entire career and create new design concepts by using materials such as cotton wool, thermoformed plastic or foam. During the sixties and seventies, this inventive designer will embody the finest hours of Roset, with emblematic pieces of the firm : Togo collection, Marsala living room.

Technical details : Coquilles 624 Michel Ducaroy, base made of beech and seat composed of sea-green velvet, circa 1958, Roset edition. Available for sale.